You could read a newspaper article about his work in Afrikaans, written by prizewinning poet Charl Naudé. It was first published in Beeld, a South African daily newspaper.
Christ and Consumerism
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What is Christian Art?
Soulful angels?
Praying hands?
"Smile, Jesus loves you "
-fridge magnets
or bumper stickers?
Read Lost Arts &
Join the debate.
Zak has a web site of his own, where I have posted a number of his paintings and stuff people have written about his work

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B Mol en G Hammer, 2000
acrylics on board
Christ and Consumerism
was painted for the cover of a book. Click on the picture alongside to read a review
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Jan Skopgraaf
was commissioned by a friend, who wanted Zak to illustrate a verse from Ecclesiastes: "Vanity, vanity, all is vanity and chasing after wind."
The painting was used on a the cover of a CD by singer-songwriter Piet Botha