Paternal Ancestors of Erna SCHUTTE

Research by Tiaan Schutte up to 26 June 2000, and comments by me. I intend to add my father’s notes later, when I get around to typing them up


Erna SCHUTTE was born on 22 Jan 1949 at the Moedersbond, Pretoria. She was married on 3 January 1968 to her first husband, Harri Udo Buber, who fathered her two children, Hanli and Eva. At 26 she was divorced, and remarried on April 4, 1988.She was an Art teacher at a secondary school until she retired in 2004, and lives in Vereeniging, Gauteng with her husband, artist Izak Benjamin de Villiers. She is the elder of two children of


Martha Elizabeth Frieda Auguste SCHNELL was born on 25 Jan 1922 in Putfontein, Lichtenburg. She hated filling in forms with all those names, and vowed to give her children short ones. Her parents, Johannes Schnell and Ernestine (Erna) Meyer had eight children, three girls and five boys. She was the eldest. She was married on 16 Dec 1947 in Ventersdorp. She had two daughters, Erna and Frieda, and miscarried three sons in the third term of pregnancy. After her husband died, she returned to South Africa and re-entered the teaching profession. She retired from her post as Senior Lecturer Arts and Crafts, Normaal (Teachers Training) Kollege, Pretoria, and lived in Sunnyside, knitting, embroidering and watching soaps. She died from complications after an operation for gallstones on 11 December 2000, a month before her 80th birthday.  Her funeral was held on her wedding day – 16 December, a national holiday currently called Reconciliation Day. As a young woman, she posed for two figures of a Voortrekker girl for the friezes for the Voortrekker Monument.

Jan Harm SCHUTTE was born on 30 Jul 1919 in Wepener. He died on 20 May 1962 in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He was at that time the Attaché for the Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa. Previous diplomatic positions held were in the USA, Sweden, Belgian Congo (Zaire) and Holland. He was the middle child of


Johanna Barbara Frederika BUITENDACH died in Warmbaths. As a child she spent 18 months living off the veld, avoiding capture by the British during the South African War, 1899-1902.

Willem Adriaan Goosen SCHUTTE was born on 20 Oct 1890 in Uitenhage. He died on 8 Sep 1953 in Pretoria. He worked for the Railways. He was married to Johanna Barbara Frederika BUITENDACH in Bloemfontein. He had three brothers and seven sisters, and still taught my dad: "Treat a woman like a princess". Until the day my dad died, after knowing my mom for twenty years, he still walked around and opened the car door for her, as his dad had taught him to do. His parents were


Helena Johanna Petronella GOOSEN was born on 22 Dec 1865. She died on 12 Dec 1940. My great-grandmother had eleven children.

Jan Harm SCHUTTE was born on 28 Jul 1864 in Kalkoenkrans, Queenstown. He was christened on 1 Jan 1865 in Queenstown. He died on 6 Dec 1959 in Florida, Roodepoort. Kalkoenkrans, the farm where he was born, is 18 miles north of Queenstown. The story goes that he was deaf after a donkey kicked him in the head as a boy. When I was a little girl of about six or seven, I remember visiting him with my dad, who asked him to account for his longevity. He attributed it to his deafness and inability to hear the nagging of his wife and seven daughters. He died after falling out of a tree he was pruning, aged 95! My great granddad was number ten of the fourteen children of


Albarta Johanna VENTER was born on 4 Oct 1832 in Tarka, district Cradock. She was christened on 23 Dec 1832 in NG Church, Cradock. She died on 28 May 1871. She mothered eight sons and six daughters.

Christiaan Ernst Gerhardus SCHUTTE was born on 13 Jul 1799 in Tulbach. He was christened on 19 Jan 1800 in Graaff-Reinet. He died on 23 Mar 1876 in Buffeldoorns, Potchefstroom. He was a "boer", a farmer. He was married to Albarta Johanna VENTER on 13 Feb 1848 in Cradock. He was the third child and first son of the eleven children parented by


Aletta Catharina Maria ENGELBRECHT was her parent’s oldest child, and was christened on 2 April 1779. She was married sixteen years later, on 22 March 1795. She had five daughters and six sons over a period of 24 years. Her parents were Cornelis Engelbrecht, christened 27 October 1748, and Aletta Johanna de Lange, christened on 12 March 1758. They were married on 27 October 1776.

Philippus Jacobus Wilhelmus SCHUTTE was christened on 2 Sep 1770 in Paarl. He was a burgher of Graaff-Reinet. He was the fourth child of the second marriage of his mother’s three marriages. His younger sister has an interesting love story that gets my imagination going:

Margaretha Maria Charlotta SCHUTTE is gebore in 1772. Haar voorgenome huwelik met Ignatius Marthinus Ferreira is in ‘n ernstige lig beskou en is deur ‘n "trouwbeloften" voorafgegaan wat nie ligtelik verbreek kon word nie. Margaretha Maria Charlotta Schutte het byvoorbeeld op 16 Julie 1795 aan die "nasionale landdros" van Swellendam, Hermanus Steyn, geskryf dat Gerrit van Rooyen haar gedagvaar het om voor die "kolesie" op Swellendam te verskyn, maar dat dit vir haar onmoontlik was om daar te kom en dat sy haar verantwoording skriftelik sou doen. Sy wou nie meer met van Rooyen trou nie, omdat haar "sin om met hem in een Huwelijk te treeden" haar "geweeken" het en sy dit na rype oorweging goed gedink het om betyds die verhouding met hom te verbreek. Sy het Gerrit van Rooyen beskryf as "een braaf en deugzaam Jonkman op wiens Eer en faam" sy niks kon nie. Waarskynlik was sy toe reeds op die wewenaar Ignatius Marthinus Ferreira verlief.

To make a long story short, she was sued for breach of promise when she broke off her engagement to Gerrit van Rooyen because she was in love with the widower Ignatius Ferreira. He was probably tall, dark and handsome (Portuguese descent) and experienced, whereas Gerrit sounds like a wimp.

Parents of Philippus and Charlotta :


Susanna MINNAAR was born about 1740. She was christened on 17 Jul 1740. She was the firstborn of Philippe Minnaar (Mesnard) en Suzanne Roux. (Philippe Mesnard was born on 14 May 1713. He farmed in the Drakenstein. Susanna Roux was born on 24 Nov 1720. She died on 12 Jul 1815 in Paarl. They were married on 6 Sep 1739.) Her first marriage was to Jan Harm Steenkamp (my dad’s name passed down in memory of her fist love? Her son gave the name to his ninth child. Had he run out of names, or did he do it to please his mother?). When Steenkamp died, she had one child. She married her second husband, Christiaan Ernst Schutte, at the age of about 23, on 25 Sep 1763 in Drakenstein. They had five children, three girls and two boys. Ten years later he died, too, and then at 35 she married Roelof Campher and had five more children.

Christiaan Ernst SCHUTTE was born on 12 Dec 1743. He was christened on 17 Dec 1743. He died in Dec 1775. He was the only child of his elderly parents:


Susanna FOURIE was born about 1694. She was married in 1742 when she was 48?! And had one son the next year. She died about seven years later, in 1750, when she was 56. Her husband lived at least another 16 years. I wonder what her story is. It is very unusual for a woman not to have married until so late in life.

She was the oldest, and it seems only, child of the French Huguenots Louis Fourie and Susanna Cordier. Her father was born about 1669 in Dauphine, possibly in the Pontaix region of France, and he died about 1750, the same year as Susanna. Records show him saying goodbye to the ‘Waalse congregation in Amsterdam on 21 December 1687. (I think it may be a French-speaking Reformed Church he joined when he fled from France because of the religious persecution of Protestants. The Walloons are French-speaking Belgians). 1688 already finds him at the Cape. He probably traveled by the ship "Borssenburg", which belonged to the Chamber of Amsterdam. He was allocated the farm De Slange Rivier on 28 February 1699. It is situated in the Wamakersvallei (wagon maker’s valley), today the town of Wellington. He lived there until he died around 1750. He owned a second farm, Zeekoedrift, on die Gouritz River. He was a burgher of Drakenstein. He married Susanna Cordier about 1694.

Susanna Cordier was born about 1678, and immigrated to South Africa in 1688, the same year as her husband. Could it have been an on-board romance? She died about 1715, when her daughter Susanna was 21, so maybe Susanna married late because she had to care for her widowed father.

Christiaan Ernst SCHUTTE was born on 4 Oct 1693 in Schleswig, Northern Germany. He died about 1766, at the ripe old age of 73. He entered the service of the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Kompagnie, the Dutch trading conglomerate that opened a refreshment station at the Cape of Good Hope under Jan van Riebeeck in 1652). He served the company as a professional soldier. His name appears in the archival documents: Dutch Asiatic Shipping. In one publication of the Serie Rijks Geschiedkundige Publicatiën (RGP part 166) his name appears in the Scheepsoldyboek (quartermaster’s log) of one of the 18 ships, the "Oudenaarde", that regularly sailed between the Netherlands, Cape Town and Batavia (Indonesia, the East Indies).

The "Oudenaarde" was built in 1708 in Amsterdam. Her maiden voyage started on 27 October 1709. She sailed from Texel, Holland, to Cape Town. She arrived on 7 April 1710. Christian Emmery captained the voyage. Die ship was sold to a British company in 1734 in Indonesia. She remained in service until 5 February 1787, when she was scuttled.

In the quartermaster’s log, the spelling of the founding father of the Schutte family in South Africa was called Christian (one a) Ernst Schüt (Dutch pronunciation: Sgut). He boarded the "Oudenaarde" on 7 November 1726, at Texel. He was 23 years old. Captain Isaak Hage was at the helm of the 858-ton ship. Aboard were 133 seamen, 58 soldiers (including CE Schutte) en 7 labourers. Die ship landed at Cape Town on 9 March 1727, after a journey of four months. It sailed again on 28 March for Batavia, arriving there on 22 June 1727. On boar then were only 18 seamen, 13 soldiers and 3 labourers. Did the other jump ship, die, or what?

Christiaan Ernst Schutte served with the VOC for 9 years. Aged 32, he became a Vryburger, a free burgher of the Cape Colony, in 1734. He went to work for his uncle Andreas Schutte on his farm as a builder. Later he lived on the farm Rustenburg (today Rustenberg) just north of Stellenbosch. He sold the farm to Bernhardus van Biljon. He was married to Susanna Fourie on 6 Dec 1742 in Stellenbosch, when he was 49 years old, and she was 48. Was it a marriage of love or convenience, I wonder? I like to think love. Two of her great-great-great-great-great-great-great- great-great-granddaughters found love in middle age. I married Zak at thirty-nine, and my cousin Nellie, supposedly the family spinster, married her Rob when she was fifty! Records show that Christiaan Ernst received a soldiers pension from the VOC until 1766, and that is likely to be when he died.


Ernst Gregorius SCHUTTE died in 1722 in Schuby. He was buried in Schleswig, St. Michaelis, Germany. He was a mounted gamekeeper and forester. He is the earliest Schutte Tiaan has traced.

Anna Magdalena BURMEISTER. She was married on 16 Nov 1686 in Evangelical-Lutheran Church, St. Michaelis, Schleswig, Germany, and had two children: Hans Andreas and Christiaan Ernst. She died on 3 Oct 1699 in Schuby, five years before her mother. Her parents were:


Hans BURMEISTER died on 25 March 1677 in Schleswig, St. Michaelis, Germany.

Gertrud died on 6 Apr 1704 in Schleswig, St. Michaelis, Germany.