Zak Benjamin - FOUR ETCHINGS
The works displayed below were completed during the first quarter of 2000. Zak Benjamin collaborated with master printer, Timothy Foulds.

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Dark Harbour
The following data are the same for all four of the above etchings :

Paper Size32.6 X 36.1cm
Image Size       20.1 x 24.9cm

Edition      20, numbered, signed, dated 2000

PaperWhite Velin BFK Rives 250 GMS
Ink     Coats Jobbing Black

Linework drawn with porcupine needle on zinc plate coated with hard ground, and aquatint used for tones. Plate etched with nitric acid. The plates were effaced after completion of edition.

Retail Price (unframed, excluding postage)

ZAR 850 per etching
US Dollars  approx. 118.00*
UK Pounds    60.00*

  * Prices subject to exchange rate 
Each work purchased is accompanied by full print documentation
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