Since January 2010 I've put in a lot of hours typing up and supplementing
the notes and stories my father made and kept in a file he called
I've been worried that I could lose all that work, as well as all the extra genealogical data I've gathered. My hard drive was already wiped out once by lightning and one could always be burgled, or the PC could pick up a virus or something. Hanli suggested that I store the stuff on the Internet - so that's what this page is all about. As I modify the documents, I'll replace them. It'll be a work in progress.
Stamregister click to see pic of my dad's handwritten index to his numbered family tree.

Click to read my dad's stories (in Afrikaans), with corrections, additions, modifications & footnotes added by me:
1.   Jan Harm
2.   Martha Elizabeth Frieda Auguste
3.   Willem Adriaan Goosen Schutte
4.   Johanna Barbara Frederika
5.   Johann Heinrich Gustav Schnell
6.   Catharina Ernestina
7.   Jan Harm Schutte
8.   Helena
9.   Frederik Willem Coenraad
10. Wilhelmina Magdalena
11. Heinrich Christoph Schnell
12. Dorothea Schröder
13. Meyer
14. ?
15. Christian Ernst Schutte
16. ?
17. Goosen
18. ?
19. Barend Marthinus Gerhardus Buitendag
20. Heiltjie Martina van Niekerk
21. Jacobus Carolus van Graan
22. Johanna Barbara Frederika Leibbrandt