From left  to right: Me (Kayla), my cousin Suzanne, and my aunt Dominique holding my sister Ella on her lap.
Things I Love:

T.V. (comedy, action, any clean movies)
spending time with my family
baking sweet stuff
making stuff with my hands
pleasing people
reading good books like Harry Potter
sleeping comfortably
birds with something nice to sing about
cats(even whithout any hair)
bathing in hot, deep water
brushing my teeth
sweets and chocolates, like gum and chomps
Things I hate:

brinjals, cabbage, cooked green peppers, cooked tomatoes, herbs, eggs in any form other than scrambled
the colour pink
feeling embarrassed
noise that keeps me awake
all uneven numbers except 5
having a frog in my throat
being hungry
dogs that bark, bite and slobber
scary movies
when I don't understand things, like maths or science, or jokes I don't catch
cigarette smoke
green, herby perfumes
Hi there!
Oh yeah!
I'm bloomin' gorgeous!
My favourite!
I want one!
Fluit, fluit, my storie is uit!
I LOVE roses!
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My granddaughter Kayla designed this page a long, long time ago. She turned 18 on 17 December 2009, and is off to Rhodes University in Grahamstown to study Journalism in 2010.