This is me
as seen through my own eyes

the flamboyant show off, the breast-beating neurotic, the shadow artist, the little girl who wants her mommythe PROUD mother, the inadequate wife, the poor sinner (regularly) saved by grace, the accidental social activist, the obsessive-compulsive hoarder of may-be-useful-one-day junk... (and I do use a lot of it, you know! Have a look at my Crafts Page & Art Doll Adventure) the wannabee writer and wannabe poet, the weary teacher who spent 30 years teaching the same subject in the same classroom at the same school, was heartily sick of all of it on bad days,  almost all of it on most days, and some of it on the best days, and is now finally R E T I R E D!
Inspirational thought:
Murphy was an optimist.
Inspirational thought no.2:
"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."
- George W. Bush