Eva is a psychiatric nurse, and went to England to complete her Master's Degree in Art Therapy. She studied part-time, and worked full time at an experimental women's facility, where you can book yourself in for three weeks if you are about to have a nervous breakdown. For FREE. National Health is a wonderful thing!
Baby Eva (alias Snugglebum, alias Little Sywurm) and Eric (alias Big Sywurm) live near London, England: very, very far from Mommy..
Last update November 15, 2010
When Eva flew me in for a first visit, Eric had not yet met me. The night before I arrived, he stayed up until all hours of the night.... cleaning the STOVE!

Wishful thinking? I reckon! I don't list cooking as one of my skills.

Eric and Eva finally visited South Africa. When we saw them off at the airport, I got a hug from Eric: "'Bye, Mom". I think I passed muster.
My Mom, Dad, and all that
Where do I come from?
Makaplan Mark Kaplan was Hanli's partner for five years - an asset to the family. He knows all there is to know about computers (well, we think so!), and he can do magic tricks. Easter morning 2001, in front of my kitchen door
Eva and Eric got married
on 6 September 2003
and on 8 June 2010
Luke Alexander Webb was born
Ella = Irresistable charm!
Typical scenario:
Hanli finds her jumping up and down on a packet of flour she has emptied on the living-room carpet.
Calmly: "Making snow, Mom."
Kayla was visiting me when she turned eight years old in December, 1999. Here she is with the traditional birthday breakfast tray and her gifts.

The daughters
the partners
the grandkids
Firstborn Hanli (alias Bokkie, alias Hunny Blubell, alias Belladonna, alias Myprodolla, and other identities) used to found clubs. My favourIte is the K.A.K.K.K. (Kuns en Ander Kulturele Kwessies Klub). The club organised one big "cultural shebang" anually. In 1999 they mounted a photographic exhibition documenting the dying art of sod house building in an attempt to preserve some of the historical past/material culture of the Eastern Cape. In 2000 they organised a "Boskonsert" featuring alternative balladeer Die Mistiek Boer, Valiant Swart.
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Oupa Zakkie. She's an artist!
Hanli was married to Charl Roux (Mr Fixit) for close to ten years. Early in 2001, they got unmarried.

They lived in the lovely Eastern Cape, on the famous Garden Route, South Africa. Charl still lives there, and Hanli has moved back to the land of her birth, Gauteng, and lives with Ella & Kayla, in the far northern reaches of big, bad, exciting Johannesburg.
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Many faces...
Kayla's Valentine's Ball pics - 2006 (grade 9) and 2007 (grade 10).
Kayla and Ella
are Hanli's lovely daughters
Eric is extremely camera-shy, but here, by special request, is a front view. I had to enlarge it from a long-shot, hence the bad focus. You can never catch him full-face close-up.
Michael Whitehead, alias Jim Neversink is Hanli's current ex-beau. We like him... and he's a ROCK STAR!
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