My favourite macho-man! Charl works as a saw-doctor. He keeps all the saws at a large sawmill in running order.  He actually is a photographer and adores cooking. You should taste the olive-bread he bakes! He has also farmed, driven trucks...there is almost nothing he cannot do.
This guy fixes anything, makes anything, loves opera, fine wine, Africana, and his kids.
Hanli used to hate Charl retreating to his workshop, until she read an article explaining why every man needs his cave...
Charl Louis Roux
Charl's vegetable patch on the farm in Kwazalu Natal, where they lived before moving south to the beautiful Tsitsikama, and his chicken runs in the background.
Charl and Hanli's parting of the ways was difficult. It was hard to accept that a nine-and-a-half-year marriage was over, it is hard when people you love do not get along, and you are in the middle. The hurt and disappointment and worry about the future make it all too easy for anger and bitterness to take hold of one's heart, all too easy to blame. Those are the things that I did not want to happen. I thank God for grace to heal the wounds, and for making His forgiveness, and His good and loving will manifest in the lives of us all.

Don't you think this would make
a good Oprah/Dr Phil show:

"How to cope with your kid's divorce"?
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